Pioneer 8th Gen Plasmas On The Show Floor

Here at the Pioneer "Project Kuro" Gen 8 plasma launch, the TVs really look good. I wouldn't expect them to look bad, seeing as everything in the room would be optimized. However, you can see from these pictures that the contrast really is dramatic, and that in low light, the blacks don't hum with grayness the way some… » 5/09/07 1:45pm 5/09/07 1:45pm

Adwatch: Pioneer's "Project Kuro" LCD-Killing Plasma Tech by Apple Ad…

Here's a 3:40 film montage featuring Spike Lee and some other directors, cinematographers and photographers talking about films, and the essence of kuro, Japanese for the color black, but also the "deep or endless nature of black." It's part of Pioneer's new "Project Kuro" marketing campaign celebrating their kick- ass…

» 5/09/07 11:00am 5/09/07 11:00am

Uh Oh LCD: Pioneer's 8th Gen Plasma HDTVs Blacker at 20,000:1

Pioneer Europe just unveiled details on their 8th generation Plasma tech 24 hours before the US event. This is something we heard about at CES, and that HDTV lovers can get riled up about. (Go ahead, woot out loud, it makes sense this time.) » 5/08/07 5:33pm 5/08/07 5:33pm