Ink and Slide: Hands On With Adobe's New iPad Drawing Tools (Updated)

Last year, Adobe took its first foray into the hardware world with two cutely named digital drawing devices, projects Mighty and Napoleon. The software giant is now ready to launch the fully-formed duo under new monikers. Meet Ink and Slide. They're (mostly) pretty great. » 6/18/14 12:30pm 6/18/14 12:30pm

Adobe’s Experimental Stylus Just Got Real, And Is Coming Within a Year

When Adobe unveiled its first attempt at building hardware tools—a stylus called Project Mighty and a digital ruler called Project Napoleon—last April, the company was careful to describe the devices as prototypes, dancing around whether we’d ever be able to, you know, buy them. But today, Mighty and Napoleon are… » 9/17/13 4:09pm 9/17/13 4:09pm