You've Never Seen So Many Stars Squeezed Into One Tiny Room

As digital displays are becoming more common than ever, good old-fashioned projectors are getting rarer and rarer. That includes the hulking beasts that are planetarium projectors, those often massive, rotating behemoths that spout out views of the entire sky. Fortunately, the antiquated gadgets have a home at the… »1/21/13 8:00am1/21/13 8:00am

How a Giant Rube Goldberg Machine Ended Up on the Side of This House

Commercial artist Josh Van Praag was commissioned by Alys Beach to do a piece of animation that would compliment the architecture of this house for their annual Digital Graffiti event, the key concept behind which is to cover as many walls as possible with video art and then throw a giant outdoor gallery party. »6/30/12 10:00am6/30/12 10:00am

3D Projector Would Beam Long-Distance Pals Right Into Your Own Living Room

A group of developers from the Human Media Lab at Queen's University, in Canada, has developed a cylindrical display system—called the "TeleHuman"—that is capable of projecting within itself a person's full 3-dimensional figure. Circle the TeleHuman, and you will see your long-distance lover (or perhaps just your… »5/02/12 9:20pm5/02/12 9:20pm

Da-Lite Unveils Home Theater Screen With Enormous 184-Inch Diagonal

Da-Lite is taking home entertainment to ridiculous new places with a video projection screen that boasts a 184-inch diagonal. For those of you doing the math, that equates to a viewing area covering a 160.4 inches(w) x 90.2 inches(h) or a total viewing area of 14468.08 sq inches. No pricing details have been made… »11/07/07 5:10pm11/07/07 5:10pm

Lenovo Interactive Water Wall Makes Visitors Have to Pee

Lenovo installed an interactive water wall at its home office in North Carolina, and it reacts to passersby with an optical tracker, rippling along as they get closer to the projection-based display. Maybe Lenovo was thinking about its waterproof keyboard when it created this installation. We're thinking they should… »9/24/07 9:00am9/24/07 9:00am

Digiview Basketball Projection Clock - Official Gift of Relatives Who Don't Give a &@#!

Are you looking for that special gift that tells a distant cousin, "I don't really give a crap that you are a successful tax attorney blogger who makes occasional appearances on Bloomberg cropped-head YouTube stripteases. Back when you were five, you played basketball in a peewee league for a month, and since then I… »11/25/06 9:51am11/25/06 9:51am