Video: Sydney Opera House comes alive with projection mapping animation 

The Sydney Opera House is as iconic a building there is in this world so it’s always stunning to see it come alive as a canvas for artists to display their animation on. 20 different animation studios teamed up to transform the Sydney Opera House into a living mural that is just so enjoyable to watch. The colors, the… »5/28/15 8:32pm5/28/15 8:32pm


A glow in the dark forest is a magical and trippy place

My, this is beautiful. Artists Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad teamed up in this projection map installation to create a 'bioluminescent forest'. The entire forest glows with light, from the mushrooms to the trees to the leaves to the grounds to the insects. The darkness is transformed into a magical place. »12/24/14 9:36pm12/24/14 9:36pm

You Don't Need To Be a Bridezilla To Want an Animated Wedding Cake

It doesn't come as much of a surprise that Disney has a whole division at its theme parks dedicated to making fairy tale weddings a reality. But what is surprising is the awesome technology those wedding planners have at their disposal, like wonderful projection-mapped cakes that make it look as if the frosting is… »10/01/14 10:54am10/01/14 10:54am

How the Super Bowl Turned the NYC Macy's Building Into a Massive Screen

There's endless Super Bowl hoopla happening in New York right now, what with the big game just days away. But you might miss one of the coolest if you don't look up: The projection-mapping specialists Moment Factory have turned the grand Herald Square facade of Macy's into an orgy of light. It's incredible. Here's… »1/31/14 10:40am1/31/14 10:40am

Footwear Projection Mapping Is a Kickass Way To Sell Sneakers

Forget celebrity endorsements or extreme action footage, if you're a footwear designer who really wants shoppers to buy your sneakers, take some inspiration from Craig Winslow's marvellous projection mapping exhibit. Instead of just sitting on a shelf, the shoes come to life with animations and a series of wild… »4/04/13 1:40pm4/04/13 1:40pm