You've Never Seen So Many Stars Squeezed Into One Tiny Room

As digital displays are becoming more common than ever, good old-fashioned projectors are getting rarer and rarer. That includes the hulking beasts that are planetarium projectors, those often massive, rotating behemoths that spout out views of the entire sky. Fortunately, the antiquated gadgets have a home at the… » 1/21/13 8:00am 1/21/13 8:00am

This Playable Building Projection Challenges Gigantic Pinball Wizards

It's safe to say the novelty of those giant animated building projections has worn off. But just before I was ready to declare the fad dead, this giant playable pinball machine comes along and makes the idea awesome again. » 12/19/11 9:01am 12/19/11 9:01am

Street Artists Project Laser Graffiti After LA Museum Censors Anti-War…

Another head-scratching moment from authorities, this time from LA's MOCA museum, which commissioned street-artist Blu for an anti-war mural in December...only to whitewash it over worries it was "offensive." Two nights ago, street-artists got their own back. [LATimes via BB] » 1/05/11 10:20am 1/05/11 10:20am

This Building's Not On Fire, But Does Need Your Help

In a run-down area of Vancouver, artist Isabelle Hayeur drew attention to the various issues plaguing abandoned buildings (such as homelessness, drug use and prostitution). She played 15 minute videos of fire, projecting them to the outside world. [DesignBoom] » 12/30/10 7:00am 12/30/10 7:00am

What's That Disembodied Head Doing in My Backyard?

Ghostly faces, disembodied eyes, and haunting chandeliers can be found floating against trees and reflected in the water in small cities in Spain. But there's no need to call the Ghostbusters just yet. » 12/20/10 6:00pm 12/20/10 6:00pm

Prague's 15th Century Clock Gets a 21st Century Light Show

The Astronomical Clock in Prague's Old Square displays not only time but sunrise, sunset, zodiac, mean revolutions of the moon, and a whole bunch of other crazy stuff. It recently celebrated its 600th birthday with this incredible projected light show. » 10/14/10 9:20am 10/14/10 9:20am

When Extreme Sports Meet Awesome Projected Art

If you're a fan of extreme sports, watch this video. If you're a fan of projection art, watch this video. If you're a fan of gigantic eyeballs, definitely watch this video. Think MP3 player visualizations on a thousand Red Bulls. » 9/22/10 10:20am 9/22/10 10:20am