This Table Protects You From Burning Hot Beverages

What if your dining room table could show you when your coffee or cocoa is too hot to drink? That could be a reality today: hacker Ken Kawamoto shows us how with a technique called thermal projection mapping. » 12/29/14 10:00pm 12/29/14 10:00pm

Ashton Kutcher Must Be Stopped (Before He Corrupts Our Laptops)

It's a little-known fact that celebrity Ashton Kutcher moonlights as a Lenovo engineer. At first, it was tolerable: a kickstand here, a bigger battery there. But now, the chisel-cheeked entrepreneur has twisted Lenovo's latest tablets to his own foul aims: the new Yoga Tablet 2 Pro has a built-in projector. And a » 10/09/14 3:30pm 10/09/14 3:30pm

How the Super Bowl Turned the NYC Macy's Building Into a Massive Screen

There's endless Super Bowl hoopla happening in New York right now, what with the big game just days away. But you might miss one of the coolest if you don't look up: The projection-mapping specialists Moment Factory have turned the grand Herald Square facade of Macy's into an orgy of light. It's incredible. Here's… » 1/31/14 10:40am 1/31/14 10:40am

You Can Turn Any Surface Into a Touchscreen With a $150 App

Ubi Interactive and Microsoft have been working together to develop software which can—with the addition of a Kinect and projector—turn any surface into a touchscreen. Now, you can buy the app that powers it for $150. » 8/15/13 6:16am 8/15/13 6:16am

Turn Your Pool Table Into a Psychedelic Aquarium with Kinect-Powered…

Pool is a fun game, but with just some colored balls on a plain green field, the spectacle is a little lacking. We've already seen how some clever projection can turn anyone into a pool shark, but now OpenPool is taking it a step further by turning pool into a psychedelic rave of a game. » 3/09/13 4:00pm 3/09/13 4:00pm

Microsoft Wants to Turn Your Entire Wall into a TV Screen

Microsoft has an IllumiRoom project that projects images onto the entire wall of your room. It's pretty crazy, when you're playing video games, the IllumiRoom will show you what's happening around you on the screen too. Basically, you get what giant wall TV for playing video games. » 1/09/13 3:21pm 1/09/13 3:21pm

LG Unveils a Gigantor 100-Inch Laser Projector: You're Gonna Need…

Conventional video projectors have remained largely a niche market for dedicated home theater enthusiasts on account of their difficult installation. However, a new breed of "home projector" has developed over the past few years into an increasingly viable alternative to flat panel televisions. And if LG's new… » 12/26/12 3:00am 12/26/12 3:00am

From Now On I'm Only Doing Holiday Decorating With Projectors

Instead of spending hours unraveling, testing and hanging Christmas lights, in the future I'm going to do what Saks Fifth Avenue has done with their holiday decorations; Hire a bunch of animators and just point a projector at my home. » 11/24/11 1:30pm 11/24/11 1:30pm

Report: 35MM Projection Could Be Gone by 2015

Wanna know why movies are called flicks? It's because of the flickering light that's emitted from film projectors. Like smoking, smell-o-vision, and intermissions, it looks like 35MM films and their projectors are on their way out of the cinema. » 11/15/11 9:20pm 11/15/11 9:20pm

The World's Brightest Pico Projector Still Isn't Bright Enough

We love the idea of carrying a compact device that turns any bare wall into a movie theater. Like the makers of pico projectors have been promising us for years. But even with an impressive 80 lumens of brightness, the P4 still has a long way to go before we really get excited. » 10/15/11 3:00pm 10/15/11 3:00pm

It’s A Case! It’s A Battery! It’s A Projector! It’s … ALL OF THEM

Sometimes, smartphone screens are just not big enough. Linking it to a projector is helpful but it's hardly portable and before you know it, the battery's gone. The Monolith, a triple-threat iPhone case that works as a projector and a battery pack, can light up your room while keeping your gear booboo-free. » 10/14/11 5:40pm 10/14/11 5:40pm

A Portable Android Projector to Light Up Movie Night

Holy smokes did this Android projector just sell out in two days on Amazon? Pity. It'd make a sweet tool for impromptu movie screenings. » 9/09/11 4:00pm 9/09/11 4:00pm

New Epson Projectors Display In 1080P and 3D, Require Dorky Glasses

Videophiles that prefer the tiny package of a projector should take a look at Epson's new PowerLite Pro Cinema 6010 or its refreshed Home Cinema models. Not only do they display 1080P, some models support 2D to 3D video conversion. » 9/09/11 1:27am 9/09/11 1:27am

Disposable Camera Concept Projects Silly Photos and Ruins Weddings in…

Placing a disposable camera or two on each table at a wedding is a surefire way of guaranteeing some hilarious photos. Automate that process with a fun, albeit not-real, camera bowl that receives photos once the disposable cameras are placed on the dock, and watch as the naughty scalliwags' images are projected onto a… » 4/13/11 9:40am 4/13/11 9:40am

How to Transfer 8mm Footage to a Canon DSLR in Real Time

Wrap your head around photographer James Miller's tutorial, and you're half-way to transferring dusty reels of 8mm family videos to digital. Of course, you could always pay someone to scan frames for you, but Miller's way is a lot more affordable—you just need a certain amount of tech nous and equipment. » 3/17/11 7:20am 3/17/11 7:20am

Nikon Patent Puts a Projector In a DSLR... Dangerously

Nikon's already stuck a projector into a point-and-shoot. We loved it! So it's only natural that Nikon would want to bring that technology to the DSLR. Except this time, the solution seems a bit less practical. And more blinding. » 1/26/11 9:00am 1/26/11 9:00am

Street Artists Project Laser Graffiti After LA Museum Censors Anti-War…

Another head-scratching moment from authorities, this time from LA's MOCA museum, which commissioned street-artist Blu for an anti-war mural in December...only to whitewash it over worries it was "offensive." Two nights ago, street-artists got their own back. [LATimes via BB] » 1/05/11 10:20am 1/05/11 10:20am

Imagine an iPad Dock With a Built-In Projector

Wowwee's Cinemin Slice is a pretty useful kitchen dock, perfect for the iPad, which is a kitchen computer. You dock in an iPad or iPhone, and the DLP Picoprojector takes care of putting the image where you can see it. » 1/04/11 8:06pm 1/04/11 8:06pm

Optoma's 3D Projector Adapter Will Cost $500 From Next Month

Optoma's 3D-XL comes in the shape of a little black box, which grabs content from Blu-ray players, PS3 and other 3D sources, and connects them to Optoma projectors as well as the numerous DLP link-compatible projectors available. » 11/26/10 4:00am 11/26/10 4:00am

Bridge Projector Reminds Suicide Jumpers "You Are Not Alone"

Forty people jump from bridges in Belgrade, Serbia each year. Working with ad agency McCann Erickson, the Belgrade government installed a projector underneath the bridge that shines the message "You Are Not Alone". It's only visible from above. » 9/30/10 7:40pm 9/30/10 7:40pm