The Dodos We Made: 26 Propeller-Driven Machines That Cannot Fly

So you think the airscrew is strictly for planes? Guess again. Look at these mighty prop-driven machines created by some of the most talented engineers and designers the world 'round. Sure, they can't fly, but their twisted blades help them wade through water, ice, snow, mud, glide on rails, and rule the road. » 5/07/13 10:00am 5/07/13 10:00am

Cross-Country Skiing Is Better With a Propeller Attached To Your Back

With a 200cc lawnmower engine, a handmade propeller, and some spare paraglider parts (that he just happened to have kicking around?), Russian tinkerer Sergei Khvalin created a cross-country skiing rig that can send him zipping across the snow at speeds of 25MPH. It weighs 34 pounds, and thus, he explains, can also… » 2/18/11 10:00am 2/18/11 10:00am

Chinese UFO Looks Like Emergency Life Raft, Spies on You

Chinese company Harbin Smart Special Aerocraft has spent 12 years and over $4 million developing its unmanned flying saucers. Somewhat reminiscent of the Honeywell Micro Air Vehicle, the unmanned drone has propellers that run on methanol, a top speed of around 50mph, and can stay at an altitude of around 1,000 yards… » 6/19/08 7:10am 6/19/08 7:10am

Paddle-Wheel Propeller Designs Take Flight, 115 Years Late

Researchers in Singapore have demoed a flying model that uses a strange paddle-wheel-like propeller design that was first patented in 1893. The cyclogyro's flat whirling propeller-blades look like the comical contraptions built in the years before and after the Wright brothers flights, but could potentially be more… » 2/25/08 6:46am 2/25/08 6:46am