A Proposal Using a Camera's Viewfinder Is Pretty Damn Cute

The best wedding proposals involve things that you both care about. Memes, drones, and so forth. This proposal is especially cute because photographer Jerrit Pruyn combined his love for cameras with his love for his girlfriend. He etched 'Marry Me' inside his camera so when his girlfriend looked inside, she'd be… » 5/31/13 4:00am 5/31/13 4:00am

This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with... Vine

I don't even... This is just... I can't believe... okay. Breathe. Some guy used Vine and Twitter to propose to his girlfriend. As in he recorded a six second Vine video (selfie?) asking her to marry him, with a ring and everything. She didn't say no. » 5/29/13 9:15pm 5/29/13 9:15pm

This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with a Drone

When I think of romantic, when I think of heartwarming, when I think of being sweet... I don't think of drones. But if I think of awesome and if I think of kickass and if I think of freaking cool... I do think of drones. So guy who used a flying drone to drop off the ring while you proposed, you're awesome. » 4/24/13 8:00pm 4/24/13 8:00pm

Iron Man Arc Reactor Ring Box Was the Perfect Proposal For a Comic Book…

Eddie Zarick is a clever man. First, he has a girlfriend who is a comic book nerd and loves Iron Man ("She always calls me Tony Stark for all of the projects I have going," he says). Second, he can make stuff like this cool motorized Iron Man arc reactor, which opens to reveal a proposal ring. » 12/20/12 1:57pm 12/20/12 1:57pm

This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with a Magic Trick

We've seen a marriage proposal that was filled with memes. We've seen a proposal that started from a plane crash. This proposal was done with a magic trick. Watch it. Sean Emory, an actual illusionist, pulled off the trick of a lifetime: he got a girl to marry him. » 12/19/12 10:00pm 12/19/12 10:00pm

This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend By Faking a Plane Crash

We've seen some awesome, hilarious and good-hearted proposals but we've never seen anything as twisted as this: a guy and girl fly a two person plane and take in the sweeping views (cue: aww) but then things take a wild turn, as the plane begins to crash. Well, "crash". » 9/28/12 9:00pm 9/28/12 9:00pm

David Pogue's Awesome Marriage Proposal Was Worth a Movie

New York Time tech writer and nicked-iPhone-victim David Pogue is going to get married again. His proposal was simply amazing: He made a fake movie trailer with "a thinly veiled version" of the love story between him and his girlfriend. He then "persuaded the movie theater at a summer resort to play it before a… » 8/16/12 6:50pm 8/16/12 6:50pm

Is This the Most Epic Marriage Proposal In History? I Don't Really…

This is from last week, but since we missed it and today it's been such a bad Sunday, I wanted to end the day on a happy note: the most epic and tear-jerking marriage proposal I've ever seen. » 6/03/12 8:45pm 6/03/12 8:45pm

Nothing Says "I'm a Nerd and I Love You" Like a Pandora Radio Marriage…

These are Maggie and Kyle. Look at them. They are so happy. It's not surprising. When this photo was taken, Kyle had just asked Maggie to marry him. Using Pandora no less. And she said yes. True love! » 5/16/12 11:18am 5/16/12 11:18am

The First Ever Proposal for the Web Was Judged "Vague, But Exciting"

Great ideas aren't always recognised as such at first. But when Tim Berners-Lee submitted to his boss the first proposal for what would become the web, everyone knew that something special was in the making. » 4/19/12 6:39am 4/19/12 6:39am

This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with Internet Memes

Attention lonely Internet lurkers, there are girls out there who totally "get" our internet humor and still love us! Like Audrey, the lovely girl in this video who was proposed to by her boyfriend Tim with internet memes. Watch the video, it's so gosh darn cute. » 12/21/11 11:00pm 12/21/11 11:00pm

Local News Catches (And Ruins) Proposal on Live TV

You've got the ring. You've got the nerve. You've got, most importantly, the girl you want to marry. Alright, let's do this! Oh wait, you're popping the question in the background of a Kansas City news broadcast. Here comes trouble! » 8/05/11 2:00pm 8/05/11 2:00pm

A Time Lapse Accidentally Captures a Man Proposing to His Future Wife

Michael Justin Porco was enjoying a beautiful Spring Day in New York City and decided to make a time lapse in Central Park. When he looked back at the time lapse he spotted a man proposing to his future wife. Aww. » 5/11/11 10:20pm 5/11/11 10:20pm

Katie, Will You Marry Me? UPDATED!

A couple weeks ago, a reader asked us for help. He couldn't figure out how to propose to his girlfriend in a way that would adequately express how much he loved her. So we turned to you... » 10/29/10 8:00pm 10/29/10 8:00pm

Because Asking A Girl To Marry You In A Photo Booth Is Way More…

Here's a picture of a guy proposing to his girlfriend in a photobooth. It makes me bubble inside and I never bubble inside. Just look at her, she goes from a simple smile to pure elated joy in under 4 pictures. » 8/14/10 7:00pm 8/14/10 7:00pm

Light Writing Proposal Created With Two Canon 7Ds, a Spotlight and a…

Well now, this certainly puts my fiance's restaurant proposal to shame. Boy Derick proposed to girl Emily using a spotlight, DSLR and three nights, creating a spectacular light writing proposal. » 1/05/10 1:40pm 1/05/10 1:40pm

Will You Marry Me... Even If I Don't Have a PDA?

A decade ago, this marriage proposal was presented like a business proposal—for humorous effect. Now, that just doesn't seem so nuts to me. But any business proposal presented today without PowerPoint? I mean... that's just trippy. » 12/25/09 5:56am 12/25/09 5:56am

Proposal iPhone App Lets Someone Propose To Your Future Wife For You

We're always excited for unique proposal stories with gadgets involved, but this Proposal iPhone app is back-ass-wards. » 2/23/09 2:40pm 2/23/09 2:40pm

Man Proposes to Girlfriend Using Zune, Glenn Medeiros, Cheese and Love

Gizmodo reader Ben Podbielski proposed to his girlfriend on Wednesday, using a pink Zune Original. Uploaded onto the player was a video set to a romantic ballad. As the '80s music faded out there was an instruction to turn the Zune over: » 12/07/07 9:06am 12/07/07 9:06am