This Tiny Horse With a Prosthetic Leg Will Melt Your Cold, Snarky Heart

Where to even begin with this! Adorable miniature horse Midnite—and don't you dare call him a pony—lost most of his rear leg under negligence of a previous owner. Unable to bring themselves to euthanize the wee man, Ranch Hand Rescue worked with Forth Worth's Prosthetic Care to fashion him a tiny prosthetic horse leg. … » 3/24/11 12:20pm 3/24/11 12:20pm

Paralympics: The Games Where Bionic Athletes Reign

Tech and the Olympics are a recipe for controversy. Before double-amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius (right) was finally approved to compete in the Olympics » 9/12/08 6:00pm 9/12/08 6:00pm (he , barely), naysayers claimed his carbon-fiber Cheetah blade prostheses gave him an advantage over non-cyborg competitors. And Speedo's for rendering…