Raisin Health Monitor Sends Heart Rate Details To Your iPhone

What looks like a bulky female hygiene product is actually a health monitor that hooks up to an iPhone via Bluetooth, sending bodily information such as heart rates to the compatible app. » 4/21/10 11:00am 4/21/10 11:00am

Proteus Motor Swims Through Bloodstream, Looks Pretty Much Like a Sperm

The tiny Proteus motor, at only 2.5 times the width of a human hair, is small enough to enter the bloodstream and perform duties previously requiring some surgical slice-and-dice. » 1/31/09 9:30am 1/31/09 9:30am

New Intel Security Can Tell You and Malicious Attacker Apart

Intel's Proteus security software starts out by getting to know you better—understanding your habits and network demands—using those statistical guidelines to clamp down on stuff that, let's face it, doesn't really sound like You. At least, not the You that Proteus has grown to love. This kind of learning really helps… » 3/21/08 8:48am 3/21/08 8:48am

Proteus: Spider-Like Go-Fast Boat Zips Around the Bay in Dazzling Demo

We've been enamoured of boats named "Proteus" ever since that movie Fantastic Voyage decades ago. Now this Proteus is real, scooting around San Francisco Bay last week like some kind of water bug. The 100-foot catamaran was built by Silicon Valley big wigs, and has inflatable hulls that draft just a foot of water. » 1/22/07 10:31am 1/22/07 10:31am