This Celestial Caterpillar May Not Become A Stellar Butterfly

IRAS 20324+4057 is a mouthful, and it's about 4,500 light years away, but it's also a star on the move. It's expanding to form a new star, but it's unclear how massive that new star will be. "Energetic" wind and light is displacing a lot of the gas and dust that would normally go into the "protostar." Depending on how… »9/08/13 8:30pm9/08/13 8:30pm


Hubble Captured a Huge, Light-Year-Long Flaming Space Monster

This beautifully bright, light-year-long heap of gas and dust particles was caught by the Hubble telescope hurtling through space on its way to becoming a star some 4,500-odd light years away. And this little cosmic caterpillar-that-could is all the more incredible when you know what it's fighting against. »8/30/13 12:30pm8/30/13 12:30pm