SNORT Is Where NASA Engineers Destroy Next-Generation Parachutes

The fantastically-named Supersonic Naval Ordnance Research Track, or SNORT, is a naval facility in the heart of the Californian desert. It’s also where NASA engineers let their evil side run free by wreacking havoc on innocent objects, using a rocket sled to destroy prototype parachutes destined for Mars »6/04/15 9:28pm6/04/15 9:28pm

Don't Call It Sony: This Is VAIO's New Prototype Tablet PC

Remember when Sony decided to sell off its entire PC business in one fell swoop? It looks like that wasn't the end of the company's iconic VAIO designs. Today at Adobe's MAX design conference, the new VAIO Corporation showed off a brand new tablet computer aimed directly at pros. It's a beefy machine with a 12.3-inch… »10/06/14 8:17pm10/06/14 8:17pm

Four Insane 60s Military Prototypes That Crashed and Burned

If the music‘s anything to go by, pretty much everyone was on something in the ’60s — and that includes the engineers. BAE Systems has recently dug up some totally batshit-crazy ideas that were seriously being kicked around by its ‘crack’ team of engineers, and they’re both totally ridiculous and dangerously awesome. »6/18/13 9:00am6/18/13 9:00am

Apple Claims This 2005 iPhone Prototype Proves It Didn't Copy Sony

Last week, it came to light that Samsung was planning to attack Apple based on the fact that its iPhone design copied Sony products—and the evidence was convincing. But now the Verge has uncovered Apple's response, which suggests there were convincing iPhone prototypes kicking around well before the Sony-esque model… »7/30/12 6:00am7/30/12 6:00am

Early iPad Prototype With Two Dock Connectors Sells For $10,200

Since its launch in 2010 the iPad has only ever featured a single dock connector, despite being used frequently in landscape orientation. There were, just before launch, rumors that the device might have two connectors—and now a prototype which has just sold on eBay further suggests that such plans were considered. »5/29/12 5:35am5/29/12 5:35am