Google Courting Verizon to Become Exclusive Search App on All Phones

The WSJ is reporting »8/22/08 9:15am8/22/08 9:15am on a deal that's close to completion between Google and Verizon Wireless, our second-largest mobile carrier, to become the exclusive search tech across all of their phones-potentially bringing a Google search bar to the homescreen of every VZW piece. Aside from the obvious web and local searching,…

SignalMap Compares Cellphone Reception Signal Where You Live

Signalmap is a neat webapp that lets you punch in your zip code and your cellphone provider and see how the reception is where you live. Not only can you use it to gauge where the best place is to make your call, you can compare the four big providers so you can see which one is best suited for you (based on your home… »8/03/07 4:45pm8/03/07 4:45pm