RIP PlayStation Home, 2008-2015

PlayStation Home, one of the most ambitious (and weirdest) things Sony has ever done with video games, closes down today. It will not be missed, but it should at least be remembered. » 3/31/15 7:20pm Yesterday 7:20pm

Last-Gen Gamers Are Being Left Behind

New-gen consoles have barely been out for a year, but there's already a familiar story: a game launches and runs great on the PS4 and Xbox One, much less so on the PS3 and 360. Shadow of Mordor was an egregious example of this performance gap, but it's not the only one. Is there any hope for last-gen gamers? » 12/18/14 9:45am 12/18/14 9:45am

PlayStation Now Is Still Way Too Expensive

PlayStation Now Hands On: Hey This Thing Actually Works

So PlayStation Now works. Like really. Like what the heck are you sure there isn't a PlayStation tucked away behind this TV and hidden somehow behind this Vita works. It's incredible because it doesn't feel incredible, if that makes any sense. You can play streaming games without any game console, and that's pretty… » 1/08/14 3:33pm 1/08/14 3:33pm

Sony's bargain model 12GB PS3 is now available in the US for $200. Ditching the hard drive for flash-only memory, the cheapo model originally limited to Europe is now on the Sony store (but out of stock currently) for $70 less than the 500GB model. [Sony] » 8/19/13 9:18am 8/19/13 9:18am

Netflix Max: A New Recommendation Engine That Talks Back

Well, this is out of left field. Today Netflix is rolling out a new recommendation system for PlayStation 3 owners called Max. He'll help "you find something great to watch in a fun, conversational way." » 6/28/13 9:33am 6/28/13 9:33am

So Far, Next-Gen Is Being Won By Crap You Can Already Do

Progress! Turns out that what's next is what's now. After watching two big press conferences for two big consoles (Xbox One and PS4), it looks like the future is being decided by the present. » 6/11/13 2:58pm 6/11/13 2:58pm

Pandora Ditches PS3 and Xbox 360 Apps For a Special HTML5 TV Interface

Starting today, you don't need to use a standalone application to access Pandora through your Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. The company has built a new HTML5 home for its services that's specially tailored for your TV. Simply point your console's browser to, login, and you'll be good to go. » 6/05/13 9:40am 6/05/13 9:40am

Ben Heck Ends the Console Wars By Cramming Them All Into One Box

Hacker, modder, and DIYer extraordinaire Ben Heck has seemingly done the impossible with his latest project. For years a fierce battle has raged between proponents of the big three gaming consoles, but to finally bring peace and civility to gaming forums across the land, Heck created an all-in-one console that… » 3/12/13 9:21am 3/12/13 9:21am

Sony Wants To Let You Skip Commercials But Only If You'll Stand Up and…

As technology marches ever forwards, there are companies who will want to make sure advertising can keep up. That's why Sony filed a patent for next-gen ads that let you skip through them, but only if you yell a brand name at your TV. » 8/25/12 10:00am 8/25/12 10:00am

Sony Will Give You a Free PS3 or PS Vita If You Buy a Vaio Laptop

Like the free Xbox 360 deal Microsoft is running, Sony will give students who buy a Vaio laptop a free PS3 or PS Vita (or $200 off Playstation gear). The deal works with any S, T, Z and L-series Sony PCs. » 6/12/12 11:25am 6/12/12 11:25am

You Can Use an Xbox 360 Controller with a PS3 or a PS3 Controller with…

The PS3 controller is a starved, emaciated excuse of a video game controller. It's terribly skinny with no curves and feels like you're holding the result of a skinny TV remote's incestual relationship. The Xbox 360 controller? Now there's something worth holding. And with this Cronus adapter you can use the Xbox… » 6/07/12 7:20pm 6/07/12 7:20pm

Amazon Prime Streaming Movie Service Now Available for PS3

Amazon just enabled Prime streaming on PS3, bringing together the best Netflix alternative with the best Xbox alternative. If you're a Prime subscriber and want to get the all-you-can-watch service working, fire up your Playstation, download the app from the TV/Video services category, and then you can watch as much… » 4/03/12 3:35pm 4/03/12 3:35pm

Your Old Blackberry Now Functions as a PS3 Remote

To go along with the release of the PlayBook 2.0 update, RIM also included new remote functionality in the BlackBerry Bridge app, so that BB phones can control the PlayBook But as people are finding out, it can control much, much more than just a single tablet. » 2/21/12 9:00am 2/21/12 9:00am

Report: The New President of Sony Is Kaz Hirai, the Boss of Playstation

Nikkei is reporting that Kaz Hirai will finally be promoted to President of Sony (in April). If you remember, Hirai has been the Playstation boss for quite some time and was rumored to be in talks of becoming President as far back as November 2010. Sony sure took its time with this one. » 1/06/12 1:03pm 1/06/12 1:03pm

Sony Tablet S Update Adds PS3 Controller Support—If You Buy an Optional…

Sony has just released an 18MB update to their Tablet S that improves Wi-fi connectivity, GPS and notifications. It also finally adds official support for using a PS3 wireless controller, a vast improvement to playing games using on-screen controls. » 12/17/11 1:00pm 12/17/11 1:00pm

Sony PlayStation 3D Display Lightning Review: The Perfect Small TV for…

Online console gaming is the status quo, but nothing will ever usurp the joys of throwing your controller in disgust, cursing, and punching your friends in the arm during couch multiplayer. Sony has a magical, magical reinvention of offline competition. » 11/14/11 5:20pm 11/14/11 5:20pm

PlayStation 3 Official Wireless Headphones Lightning Review: KILL KILL…

As great as great graphics are, splendiferously blasting sound can be just as gratifying. Sometimes we take sound for granted, or just don't care about it—but with Sony's great new 7.1 wireless surround headphones, you will care. » 10/12/11 4:30pm 10/12/11 4:30pm

Guy Merges Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Into One Single Console

Reddit user timofiend thought that it would be more convenient to put his original 80GB PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 S into one single console. He took the guts out and put them into a PC tower. » 9/06/11 11:27am 9/06/11 11:27am