Disabled Gamer Builds Custom Whole-Body PS3 Setup

How much do we take being able to play games for granted? Disabled gamer KitsuneYume surely doesn't, seeing as he rigged a PS3 controller setup to work by using his entire body as input triggers, which allows him to hit a respectable 20 out of 25 possible PS3 controller functions. How well does it work? He was able to… » 11/10/08 8:20pm 11/10/08 8:20pm

Sony's Splittable PlayStation 3 Controller Sounds Very Wiimote-Like

According to GamesIndustry.biz, Sony's in the middle of working on a PlayStation 3 controller that splits into two units, giving the player motion-sensing functionality much like the Wiimote + Nunchuk combination on the Wii. Their source knows of no official announcement timeline, but working units have been given to… » 6/13/08 3:10pm 6/13/08 3:10pm