Reports of PS3 2.42 Firmware Difficulties Surface

Another PS3 update, another round of complaints. It seems as if people on the official Playstation forums » 8/04/08 11:36am 8/04/08 11:36am are having issues with discs not reading, games locking up, and fans blowing out of control under the . We don't know if it's just uber-paranoid people who were burned by 2.40 or an actual problem that Sony will…

PlayStation 3 2.42 Update Now Available (Might Want to Wait Before Installing)

The 2.42 firmware release for PS3 is now out, and you can go grab it now. You might want to wait until tomorrow morning to install it, however, since we all remember what happened with the 2.40 update. We recommend waiting until other people have canaried the situation out for you. As a side note, we really wish Sony… » 7/29/08 11:59pm 7/29/08 11:59pm

PlayStation 3 2.30 Update is Live - New PlayStation Store and DTS-HD Master Audio

The previously announced PlayStation 3 2.30 firmware update is now live, bringing with it a new PlayStation Store and DTS-HD Master Audio Support. To see more detail on the DTS audio support, click here, or hit the jump for the release. We're happy that Sony's finally revamped the store—the original one really was… » 4/15/08 2:45am 4/15/08 2:45am