Breaking: PS3 Folding@Home TFLOP Rating Demoted by 50%, PFLOPS Still Possible

Just Friday we were gushing that the Folding@Home project, with the help of a few Spartanesque PS3s, had topped 500 teraflops. Apparently, that was too good to be true. Just now, as approximately 30k PS3s were about to push Folding over a PFLOP (1000 TFLOPS), Folding staff at Stanford seem to have… »3/25/07 10:56pm3/25/07 10:56pm

Breaking: PS3 Triples Folding At Home's Computing Power to Over 500 TFLOPS..PFLOPS in Spitting Range

This is freaking amazing. I was checking out some message boards last night at the Folding Forums at Stanford, a group that tracks the Folding at Home application. You know, that's the software that runs on Sony PS3 or PS2 gaming consoles, all linking up over the Internet and using their spare cycles to help the… »3/23/07 3:11pm3/23/07 3:11pm

Reminder: Download the PS3's 1.6 Update and Folding @ Home App

Hey there. Just a reminder for you PS3 owners: Now that you're home from work, go download the update version 1.6 that'll let you do many things, including save the world by running Folding @ Home. You know, it's that distributed computing project we showed you live screenshots and videos of last Thursday. I started… »3/23/07 12:55am3/23/07 12:55am