What if the rest of the alien universe was terrified of humans?

In almost every sci-fi movie worth re-watching, it seems that us humans are always less technologically advanced, dumber and only serve as a mere speed bump into an alien race eliminating humans to take over our planet and suck Earth dry of its resources. We're always the weaker ones in alien wars. Well, what if we're… » 1/09/14 10:45pm 1/09/14 10:45pm

How Hot Does It Get Inside a Parked Car? (Spoiler: SO FREAKING HOT)

It's summer. It's stinking hot. And for any silly person who leaves their pets (or any imbecile who leaves their kids) inside a parked car, watch this video where a doctor traps himself inside a parked car to see how how it gets. Even with all four windows cracked down a bit, the car temperature reaches 117 degrees in… » 7/03/13 1:00am 7/03/13 1:00am

PSA: Don't Let Your Friends Sign Into Google On Your Computer

In the summer of 2010 Google rolled out multiple log-ins. It was a fabulous thing for those who didn't want to run multiple browsers in order to have simultaneous access to Google-powered personal and work accounts. Merging your own accounts is one thing, but can you imagine accidentally merging yours with someone… » 6/03/13 3:20pm 6/03/13 3:20pm

Why You're Totally Justified in Hating Data Caps

Going over your mobile data cap limit costs more than a long distance phone call from a hotel room and for what? Crossing some invisible line in the sand drawn by your carrier? That's some bullsh*t. Brian Boyko explains exactly why data caps don't so much protect network infrastructure as generate revenue. [Blogphilo] » 1/15/13 4:40pm 1/15/13 4:40pm

[YourName]@ CrownFriedChicken.com Could Actually Be Your New Email…

What good is a Gmail account if you love crispy fried chicken and can also have a customized @CrownFriedChicken address? Because if you consider yourself a member of the Crown Fried Chicken Family (and even if you don't think you are, you totally definitely are), you can soon have your own email address proclaiming… » 9/06/12 7:00pm 9/06/12 7:00pm

There's Never Been a Worse Time to Buy an iPhone Accessory

Whatever you do in the next six weeks, don't spend any money on iPhone accessories. No matter how enticing the sales are, no matter how frayed your case is. There are significant changes coming to Apple's marquee handset—and soon—that will render them nearly obsolete. » 7/31/12 3:40pm 7/31/12 3:40pm

Go Get Your @Outlook Email Address Quick Before Someone Else Does

The new Hotmail is here, and with it comes a whole new @outlook.com domain to colonize. That means it's time to act quickly to get your-name@outlook.com. Certain members of our staff with very very common names—not saying who—have scored in the Outlook landgrab. GOGOGOGOGO before it's too late! Protip: We've had better … » 7/31/12 12:40pm 7/31/12 12:40pm