Watch Sony Apologize for Getting Hacked and Talk About the NGP Live

My eardrums are bleeding, so you won't get to experience that part of the event, but if you want to follow along with Sony's E3 keynote—where we're expecting lots of ass-kissing and bowing and the PS Vita—GameTrailers has a live stream right here. » 6/06/11 8:18pm 6/06/11 8:18pm

Sony's Music Unlimited Streaming Service Coming to PSP in Weeks

It's not just the PSP which will benefit from an update bringing along the Music Unlimited streaming service—the NGP and Xperia Play will also see the Qriocity-powered service at a later date. The cloud-based streaming service is already available on the PS3 and Bravia TVs, and has six million songs to date. [Eurogamer » 4/01/11 7:40am 4/01/11 7:40am

Angry Birds Downloadable For PSP This Week

We knew Rovio Mobile was preparing PS3, PSP, Xbox 360 and Wii versions, but boy was that fast. The poultry-slingshot app has been confirmed for the PSP as a downloadable $3.99 game. It's available today, but be warned—so far, there are fewer levels than on its iPhone and Android brethren. [BBC and Kotaku] » 1/05/11 3:55am 1/05/11 3:55am

Sony's PlayStation Division Wants Some Android-Savvy Engineers

Well this could be interesting! Looks as though Sony's apparently in search of a developer with Android experience for its PlayStation division. Which could mean that the rumored Android 3.0 PlayStation phone closer to reality than we thought. Or maybe—if they're just staffing up now—further away. Either way, it's a… » 9/23/10 5:14pm 9/23/10 5:14pm

Rumor: Next PSP to Have Touch-Controls on Back?

There's a rumor floating around Gamescom in Cologne, Germany this week, that selected VIPs are supposedly getting hands-on with the next PSP, which apparently features touch-controls on the back of the device for added gameplay input. » 8/19/10 7:41am 8/19/10 7:41am

Sony Ericsson Readying an Android 3.0 PlayStation Phone?

Engadget's reporting that Sony Ericsson, who hasn't been quickest on the draw with Android devices, is in the "late stages of planning" for an Android 3.0 smartphone with sliding gaming controls and an accompanying gaming platform. » 8/11/10 6:34pm 8/11/10 6:34pm