Sony Ericsson Readying an Android 3.0 PlayStation Phone?

Engadget's reporting that Sony Ericsson, who hasn't been quickest on the draw with Android devices, is in the "late stages of planning" for an Android 3.0 smartphone with sliding gaming controls and an accompanying gaming platform. » 8/11/10 6:34pm 8/11/10 6:34pm

Simple PSPGo Mod Hides High Price, Screen Behind Blindingly Bright…

One intrepid PSPGo owner—no doubt frustrated, like Mark was, with the portable's strange pricing structure and continued lack of dual thumb sticks—has attempted to spruce it up with a bit of color. » 10/04/09 10:00am 10/04/09 10:00am

PSP Firmware 6.10 Lets the PSPgo Tether to Bluetooth Cellphones

The PSPgo hits stores today, and it's about to get firmware that lets it jump online via a Bluetooth device like a cellphone or laptop. Sony's update also gives all PSPs support for "SenseMe" automatic music categorization. Watch the demo: » 10/01/09 6:58am 10/01/09 6:58am

Tonight @ Giz Gallery: Free Pancakes, Arc Attack Concert at 8PM and…

In case you forgot, we're hosting a Giz Gallery Arc Attack concert today at 8pm. We have space for the first 100 people who show up, and you'll have a chance to play with the new PSPGo.

At 8 PM we'll be clearing out the gallery briefly so that we can setup for the meetup. After that we'll be letting the first 100 or…
» 9/25/09 4:38pm 9/25/09 4:38pm