PSP2 Concept Rolls Out Like a Scroll, Thankfully Requires No Literacy

While Sony is just releasing the PSP-3000, the design just isn't impractical enough for our tastes. So we'll look the gift horse in the mouth and turn our attentions to this completely imaged PSP2 concept. A flexible OLED screen pulls out from the base, flexible until stiffened through an electric charge (a la… »10/17/08 2:43pm10/17/08 2:43pm

Sony Patent Hints at PlayStation Phone, Possible Mystery Device?

The prospect of a PSP phone looks even more likely now that we've seen Sony's patent for a touchscreen handheld. The patent describes a device with "digital tactile pixels" that respond to touch and give feedback via vibration. This patent was submitted by Sony Computer Entertainment, the group behind PlayStation, and… »6/30/08 7:01pm6/30/08 7:01pm