Palringo IM Client For iPhone Adds Push to Talk

The folks behind Palringo » 8/18/08 4:20pm 8/18/08 4:20pm have swiftly delivered on a promise to add Push-to-Talk functionality to their multi-client IM app for the iPhone. Like their desktop version, the new update allows iPhone users to send vocal IM messages by holding down a contact button while speaking. When released, the audio recording will…

Cingular Updates Sony Ericsson Z520a with Z525a - Adds PTT

Fans of the *beep beep* Z520 launched last year by Cingular that miss *beep beep* push-to-talk functionality will like the Z525, which is pretty *beep beep* much identical save for the PTT. It's *beep beep* got a VGA camera, 16MB of memory, Bluetooth, and quad-band GSM. You can get it now for *beep beep* $19 after a… » 7/19/06 7:30pm 7/19/06 7:30pm