Detroit's Under-Funded Fire Departments Use a Soda Can For a Fire Alarm

Where absent money leaves gaps, ingenuity fills in. Nowhere is that more true than in Detroit's fire departments, where, as Detroit Free Press reporter Tresa Baldas shows us, a soda can full of jangling coins and screws alerts the Motor City's long-suffering heroes when there's an emergency. » 9/06/14 9:00am 9/06/14 9:00am

Don't Tweet While Driving in Newark, the Mayor Is Watching

Celebrities use Twitter. Politicians use Twitter. And sometimes those two worlds hilariously collide. Observe: Snooki tweets about being stuck in traffic in Newark; the mayor of Newark immediately threatens to fine her for texting while driving. LOL. [Twitter] » 9/09/10 11:53am 9/09/10 11:53am

NYPD's Computers Are Certain That This 82-Year-Old Woman Is a Dangerous…

Rose Martin has been questioned by police some 50 times in eight years, stemming from her involvement in crimes ranging from robbery to murder. Of course, she's not actually involved, but the NYPD's computers continue to think otherwise. » 3/20/10 4:00pm 3/20/10 4:00pm