The World's First Bus Service Was Pulled by Horses

If you got to work by bus today, you can thank, or blame, Stanislaus Baudry. Baudry lived in the town of Nantes in France at a time when you either had your own carriage, hired a cab to get you from one specific place to another, or walked. The industrial age was really kicking off, which meant large groups of people… »10/26/15 9:00am10/26/15 9:00am


Toyota's New Transit Idea Is Like a Bikeshare for Tiny Electric Cars

Small, weird-looking smartcars are nothing new; there are plenty of them on the road, especially in cities where space is at a premium. But Toyota has launched something that makes great use of its zippy 3-wheeled i-Road vehicles: a new car-sharing service that integrates with a city's existing transit system. »9/12/14 4:32pm9/12/14 4:32pm

Watch How Bolivia Built the World's Longest Urban Cable Car System

In most parts of the world, cable cars are relegated to ski areas or amusement parks. But in South America, cities use the gondolas to navigate undulating terrain as public transportation. This fall, two more lines will open in Bolivia's La Paz-El Alto network, making it the longest urban cable car system in the world. »8/18/14 12:51pm8/18/14 12:51pm

Dad Invents Kid's Seat For Bike Shares—Promptly Gets Cease and Desist

There are many perks to bike shares, but there's a distinct advantage for the entrepreneurially minded: you're not allowed to make the bike better. Not by giving it an electric motor. Not by adding a seat to take your kid to school. Nope nope nope. Should bike shares really be keeping such a tight reign on their bikes? »6/02/14 8:30pm6/02/14 8:30pm

Google's Self-Driving Car Is the Future We Need

In the aftermath of Google's unexpected unveiling of its very own steering wheel-free cutemobile, the internet is dripping again with opinions about self-driving cars. Some say they'll save us. Some say they're doomed. But really, we're all after the same thing: a better way to get around. And right now, self-driving… »5/29/14 10:00am5/29/14 10:00am

Beautiful New Website Explores 100 Years of Grand Central's History

New York's Grand Central Terminal is one of the country's largest and busiest public transit structures, and now it has a new website that honors its outsize legacy. Based on the Grand by Design exhibition that was on display at the station last year, the website includes historical documents, videos, stories, and… »2/16/14 2:00pm2/16/14 2:00pm