Some Publishers Are Happy With Apple's Subscriptions 'Cause They Thought It'd Be Worse

Apple's new subscription plans are kinda crappy for publishers, but apparently some of them are happy the terms of the deal aren't worse. Some were afraid that Apple wouldn't allow any subscriptions that didn't go through Apple, and many delayed updates to their apps, waiting for the Apple news to drop. And there's… »2/16/11 12:53pm2/16/11 12:53pm

Macmillan CEO Officially Confirms Amazon Deletions Were Due to Price War

The writing was on the wall as recently as 2 a.m. this morning, and an open letter from Macmillan CEO John Sargent has confirmed everything we suspected: Macmillan books were pulled from Amazon store as part of a strong-arm tactic in the coming eBook price war. [Publishers Marketplace via Boing Boing] »1/31/10 10:30am1/31/10 10:30am