Specs Leak Out For HTC's Singing Songstress "Puccini" Tablet

You can't codename a tablet "Puccini" without setting tongues wagging that it'll be a media workhorse. But until now, little else was known about HTC's rumored 10-inch tablet. Today, a leak points at a dual-core Snapdragon chipset and WXGA resolution. » 5/17/11 4:20am 5/17/11 4:20am

Will This 10-Inch 4G HTC Puccini Tablet be Offered Soon by AT&T?

I think we can ascertain that yes, this leaked image of what's purported to be the HTC Puccini does indeed look like a tablet—according to leaksters, this 10-inch model will debut on AT&T's LTE network this June. » 5/10/11 5:05am 5/10/11 5:05am