Erupting volcano blows unbelievably perfect smoke rings

Think you're cool cause you can blow o's when you smoke? Mother Nature has still got you beat. Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy took a little break from erupting to blow O-shaped smoke rings hundreds of feet in diameter to make every smoker and pot head in the world jealous. Just look at it. It's perfect! » 11/14/13 9:34pm 11/14/13 9:34pm

Smoking Jacket Eliminates 2nd Hand, Tars Another Pair of Lungs

The Smoking Jacket is a conceptual work by Fiona Carswell. It includes a giant popped collar where smoke can be blown in to. There is a pair of lungs on the front that kind of act like a warning system to others and filters the smoke. Over time the lungs will darken from the cigarette smoke and eventually turn black.… » 5/21/07 7:20pm 5/21/07 7:20pm