The App Store Is Just Like the Civil Rights Movement, and Other Lessons…

The Daily Show tells the harrowing tale of iFart vs Pull My Finger, showing us the faces behind the farts. It's predictable stuff until about 3:00, when Pull My Finger guy compares himself to Jackie Robinson. Then, it's pure art. » 7/22/09 12:50pm 7/22/09 12:50pm

iFart vs. Pull My Finger: The Battle for iPhone Fart App Supremacy

The stakes are high. There can only be one true victor in all fart battles: fart tennis, volume contests, holding it in during school/funerals/weddings/sex, and now, in iPhone apps. Who will reign supreme? » 2/14/09 9:00pm 2/14/09 9:00pm

Pay by Touch System Tested by Gas Stations, Grocery Store

Here's a better way to pay for stuff. By just touching your fingertip to this Pay by Touch biometric system, you can pay for anything in the ten Chicago Shell stations that are now testing the tech. So this means there's no need to reach for that credit card or even your wallet; all you have to do is touch a certain… » 11/01/07 8:48am 11/01/07 8:48am

Musical Finger Plays Mozart When You Pull It, or Something

Why do I find this funny? Because I'm sophisticated, that's why. Pull the finger on the keychain and it drops a loud one. Drop $6.98 and it's all yours. [The Lighter Side] » 8/15/07 5:04am 8/15/07 5:04am