The New Yorker on Simultaneous Invention and the Intellectual Ventures Laboratories

Malcolm Gladwell (smart guy, puffy hair) has a feature in this week's
The New Yorker about the history of simultaneous invention, the best example being Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray both patenting the telephone on the same day. There are many other examples, leading to the conclusion that "scientific… »5/07/08 1:15am5/07/08 1:15am

Mossberg Looks at Ubuntu Linux on a Dell (Verdict: Not Quite Ready for Primetime)

We Ubuntu hitting Dell a while ago, but Walt Mossburg's just now getting around to giving them a go—apparently after a barrage of mail from readers, the same thing that prompted Dell to put 'em out. Evaluating it "strictly from the point of view of an average user," he thinks "still too rough around the edges for the… »9/13/07 8:09am9/13/07 8:09am

Pogue Sees Eye-to-Eye With Vudu Video-on-Demand Box (Verdict: Mostly Great)

Pushing out his review a bit before the official embargo lifted last night, our favorite Times wonder-reporter put the video store in a box, Vudu, through its paces and walked away mostly happy with the experience. Brownie points for: picture quality, slick five-button remote, pay-per-flick, and truly instant viewing.… »9/06/07 1:00pm9/06/07 1:00pm

The New York Times Makes Writing iPhone Non-News Easy

The headline of today's NYT iPhone story was promising: "Hollywood Seeks Ways to Fit Its Content Into the Realm of the iPhone." On the heels of last week's GooTube-on-your-iPhone confirmation and coming from a legitimate newspaper (not, you know, a blog) it seemed like it might contain some actual, you know, news. Not… »6/25/07 10:10am6/25/07 10:10am