80 percent of America's canned pumpkin comes from one Illinois town

Starbucks can keep its Pumpkin(less) Spice Lattes. We, as a nation, get our real festive fix from pumpkin pies—and we've got one small town to thank for that. Morton, Illinois provides Americans with 80 percent of the deliciously globby, straight-from-a-can pumpkin filling that we gobble down a few months of the year. » 10/09/14 12:38pm 10/09/14 12:38pm

Jaw-Dropping Proof That NASA Rocket Scientists Carve the Best Pumpkins

The internet's chock full of wonderful ways to carve a Halloween pumpkin every year, but few can hold a glowing candle to what the scientists, engineers, and researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab come up with. Every year the lab holds a pumpkin carving competition and the results, and the carving techniques, are… » 11/01/13 12:52pm 11/01/13 12:52pm

How Much Would a Pumpkin the Size Of Your House Weigh?

The wonderful world of genetic engineering has given us gargantuan pumpkins the size of compact cars. But don't think it's going to stop there. In addition to spreading Halloween cheer and giving local evening news something to cover, giant pumpkins could eventually be grown to the size of a house and used as a cheap… » 10/31/13 10:20am 10/31/13 10:20am

Why Carved Pumpkins Are Called "Jack O' Lanterns"

The name “Jack O’ Lantern” was originally one of the numerous names given to ignis fatuus (Medieval Latin for “foolish fire”), another of which is “Will O’ the Wisps”, basically the odd light that can occasionally be seen over marshes, swamps, and the like. “Jack O’ Lantern” first popped up being used this way… » 10/29/13 3:46pm 10/29/13 3:46pm

Blowing Up Pumpkins with C4 and Detonating Cords Seems Way More Fun

What do you call the Halloween equivalent of being a Christmas Grinch? Because whatever it is, that's what I am now. Gone are the happy days of trick or treating and dressing up in clever costumes and getting the brain blitzed to an unrecognizable shade of matter and carving intricate pumpkins and so on, instead all… » 10/25/13 9:00pm 10/25/13 9:00pm

This Pumpkin Tap Turns Your Halloween Gourd Into an Edible Keg

Make Martha Boowart proud—while giving your Monster Mash an added seasonal flair—by converting that pre-op Jack-o-Lantern into something far more useful than a carriage: a Keg. The Pumpkin Tap will turn any pumpkin or squash—even watermelon—into an impromptu beverage server. » 10/23/13 5:00pm 10/23/13 5:00pm

Simply open the top of the gourd, scoop… » 10/23/13 5:00pm 10/23/13 5:00pm

Homemade Explosives Are the Most Satisfying Way To Carve a Pumpkin

When you're too old to go collect candy, and don't have any kids to go on your behalf, Halloween stops being as fun as it was when you were young. But don't worry—there are still plenty of ways to bring a little grownup fun back to October 31. For example, carving a pumpkin is considerably more awesome when you add… » 10/23/13 4:20pm 10/23/13 4:20pm

Ten Ways To Smash a Pumpkin in Mesmerizing Slow-Motion

You shouldn't use this video as inspiration for going out and destroying other people's jack-o-lanterns this evening. But if you want a fun way to dispose of your own here are ten creative ways to utterly decimate a pumpkin-made all the more enjoyable to watch thanks to a high-speed camera. You might want to skip… » 10/31/12 5:00pm 10/31/12 5:00pm

You Can Play This Tetris Pumpkin With Its Joystick Stem

Clever designs are one thing, but jack-o-lanterns that go above and beyond the call of duty are what really make Halloween awesome. So Nathan Pryor's awkwardly dubbed Pumpktris, which lets you actually play Tetris, is just about the best way to deck out your front porch on October 31st. A grid of 128 LEDs embedded… » 10/30/12 11:32am 10/30/12 11:32am

How to Make DIY Flaming Pumpkins for Halloween

Everybody knows that everything is much more impressive when you add fire to it. Especially Halloween decorations. If you want to add some burning heat to your Haunted House and/or burn some costumes off, watch this video that shows you how to make a flaming pumpkin. It's really easy. Like shockingly easy. [YouTube » 10/26/12 11:00pm 10/26/12 11:00pm

America's Navy Tests Its Missiles in the World's Biggest Potato Gun

Ballistics testing for the military is an expensive proposition. A potato cannon, popular in at-home ballistics testing, is cheap. A new testing device developed by the Navy—a super-sized version of the spud gun—provides a low-cost alternative by simply shooting stuff out of a few pipes. » 4/09/12 11:00am 4/09/12 11:00am

Laser Carved Pumpkin Produces Impressive Results and Terrible Smells

In a stroke of pure genius, Jack Chalkley decided the intricate pattern he'd chosen for his pumpkin was too complicated for his limited carving skills. So he converted his design into vector art in Illustrator, fed the results into his laser cutting machine, and plunked his pumpkin down on the cutting bed. » 10/31/11 4:40pm 10/31/11 4:40pm

The World's Largest Pumpkin Carving Is Also the Most Impressive

When you carve your Jack-o'-lantern this Halloween, try and keep it simple. Because no matter how good you are at carving, shaving and hollowing, you won't be able to match this epically designed pumpkin carving. Demons, ghouls, zombies, guts—all artistically sculpted from this 1,818.5 pound pumpkin. » 10/24/11 12:52pm 10/24/11 12:52pm