Weird Combo of the Day: Free iPod Nano With Twelve-Pack of Caulk

Oh, caulk! Is there anything you can't do? Not only do you allow us to plug up holes by squirting your oozing, white fluid-like substance all over the place, but you come in a long and pleasing missile shape. And if you get too difficult to clean up after using, all we have to do is cut off a bit of the tip! How… » 3/27/08 4:50pm 3/27/08 4:50pm

Adding to Collection of Keyboard Puns: Save Key Piggybank

As a part of our continuing series on useful objects patterned after keyboard keys, our next candidate is this little play on words, a coin bank that looks like a Save button. Ironically, at $9.75 it just about costs more than the amount of coins it can hold. » 2/23/07 9:07am 2/23/07 9:07am