Puppets, Twister, and the Super Soaker Are Your 2015 Toy Hall of Fame Inductees

Every year the National Toy Hall of Fame throws open its doors to allow a handful of classic toys to be honored as inductees. Out of more than 500 nominations this year, which were whittled down to 12 finalists, three were given the nod: puppets, Twister, and the Super Soaker. »11/08/15 10:00am11/08/15 10:00am


Transform Your Hand Into a Unicorn Whenever and Wherever You Want 

If you've ever plopped your five fingers on a table and thought, hmm, this reasonably resembles a four-legged creature with a middle finger of a head, then Handicorn will add a whole magical dimension to your finger puppetry. Pop on the four hooves and a head, and you've literally got a unicorn at your fingertips. »1/08/15 2:45pm1/08/15 2:45pm

Oscar the Grouch used to be orange (but was supposed to be magenta)

Sesame Street is 45 years old today, and the warm-spirited puppeteers behind the show's Twitter account did a fun thing. They shared 45 facts about Sesame Street over the course of the day. Chief among them is the fact that Oscar the Grouch was actually orange for the entire first season of the show. Orange! »11/10/14 8:03pm11/10/14 8:03pm

This animation using CGI to create marionette puppets is just stunning

This ad was made by Elastic for League of Legends (a game of which half the world plays and half the world doesn't know exists) but really, it's just phenomenal animation work. I love seeing the marionettes move around and interact with the environment, it really feels like they're on strings. »11/07/14 1:00am11/07/14 1:00am

Watch Team America And See How Much Our Geopolitics Haven't Changed

Yesterday we highlighted a slew of films that were leaving Netflix at midnight this morning. Don't even look at the list, I'd say, it's too painful; they're already long gone. However, Netflix has attempted to heal our wounds with a long list of additions, including the great Team America: World Police. »10/01/14 8:36pm10/01/14 8:36pm

Even Behind-the-Scenes That Chest Bursting Alien Is Terrifying

A lot of people try and avoid behind-the-scenes looks at their favorite movies for fear it could ruin the mystique of what they're seeing on-screen. But surprisingly, seeing the inner workings of the infamous chest bursting alien from Aliens is just about as terrifying as the actual scene in the movie, if not more so. »9/06/13 8:02am9/06/13 8:02am