There's NOTHING cuter than these puppies swimming underwater

OK people, stop doing whatever the hell you're doing. Stop working, stop eating, stop loving or hating. Stop. Stop and watch these perfect OMFGAFASDGASDGHJDFG photos of puppies swimming underwater by Seth Casteel. Because nothing else matters, really. Nothing. Nothing but puppies. » 9/12/14 6:31am 9/12/14 6:31am

​These Adorable Wolf Pups Could Be California's First In 100 Years

OR7, the wolf who journeyed from northeast Oregon to California, found a mate and has just sired these three puppies. They're the first born anywhere near California in at least 100 years and these are the first pictures of them. » 8/06/14 2:48pm 8/06/14 2:48pm

I Can't Stop Looking at This Puppy Spinning in a Bowl

You might as well just call it a day now, because look at this baby puppy spinning in a puppy-sized bowl. It's the very first GIF created by renowned dog photographer William Wegman, best known for his pictures of Weimaraners in various costumes and poses. » 3/11/13 11:51am 3/11/13 11:51am

How to Respond to Legal Threats with Cute Animals

I registered, thinking it would be a good name for an Internet product company, not realizing that Skunkworks was a real, trademarked facility run by Lockheed Martin—or that you can now threaten to sue people just for registering a domain name. » 10/19/12 1:00pm 10/19/12 1:00pm

Use Google+ Hang Outs to Create Your Own Personal Puppy Cam

A recent graduate of Northwestern University, Taylor Barrett felt nervous about leaving Walnut, her 11-week-old Chihuahua puppy, home alone while she was at the office all day. But instead of overpaying for a too-luxe doggie daycare, she turned to technology for the solution. » 6/30/12 12:00pm 6/30/12 12:00pm

The Most Adorable Internet Easter Video

It's Easter, so you've probably got a day of egg hunts and bunnies and pies that don't really make sense. But take a moment to soak in this UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE video that basically distills the essence of Easter down to its core: cute bunnies, chicks, and puppies for no gosh darn reason at all. Enjoy! [YouTube] » 4/08/12 11:30am 4/08/12 11:30am

The 5 Bestest of the New York Times' Best Ideas of the Year

The New York Times' Year in Ideas is one of my favorite end-of-the-year lists because it's smart. I mean, they're the best ideas of the year. Here are the 5 bestest ideas of the year. Like getting liquefied when you die. » 12/10/09 3:59pm 12/10/09 3:59pm

Bow Cam iPhone App: Barks to Get Pup Attention for the Photo

You say "Cheese!" and dogs say "whatsthatsquirreldogtoyhuh?", "firehydrant!", "wanttoplaywanttoplaywanttoplay!", looking everywhere but the camera. This app's 15 barking noises fix that. » 2/16/09 1:59pm 2/16/09 1:59pm

Dog Made Adorably Bionic With Model Airplane Wheels

This tiny puppy, named Hope, was born without front legs. You know what that means: it was time to create a robopuppy. Orthotist David Turnbill created a custom support for Hope using a couple of model airplane wheels, and each one of the "legs" can move up and down independently, allowing Hope to pivot and turn. If… » 6/25/08 10:40am 6/25/08 10:40am

Automatic Dog Washer Looks Like Waterboarding for Pets

I don't understand a word of the video because I don't understand the language of surrender, but I don't need to in order to see that the dogs trapped inside of this $30,000 contraption for the four minutes of washing and drying aren't exactly experiencing jouissance. They're dogs, not designer jeans, people. And the… » 11/07/07 2:45am 11/07/07 2:45am

RIAA Sues 10-year-old Girl with a Disabled Mom; Puppy Next

The RIAA, a company that apparently thrives on getting bad press, is suing a 10-year-old girl for alleged copyright infringement made when she was 7. Oh, and did we mention that her mom's only income comes from Social Security disability assistance? Because it does. » 3/26/07 1:40pm 3/26/07 1:40pm

Sub-$500 Laptop

Do you love the Earth? You'd better, or she's gonna kick your ass. To save yourself a Gaia ass-kicking, consider the Everex StepNote NC1500, a laptop with a 15.4-inch screen and a 1.5-Ghz VIA C7-M processor. This, Everex claims, makes it the world's most energy efficient notebook. While it's not going to win any speed… » 10/26/06 3:45pm 10/26/06 3:45pm

Puppies Taking Advantage of Mass Transit

Get out of the way, everybody, here come the puppies! On a monorail! They even look like they're enjoying it, too. Built by their handy master, James Horecka, a couple of them are apparently wondering how easy it would be to jump off. What started out as a joke turned into a weekend project for Horecka, who built the… » 2/13/06 4:31pm 2/13/06 4:31pm