HTC Tilt 2 and HTC Pure WinMo 6.5 Phones Arrive on AT&T

Windows Mobile 6.5 rolls-out tomorrow, so expect to hear about a bunch of new handsets this week. Getting in early, AT&T has gotten official with its versions of HTC's TouchPro 2 (Tilt 2; shown left) and Touch Diamond2 (Pure). » 10/05/09 12:15am 10/05/09 12:15am

Meanwhile, four new browser phones are also hitting AT&T, and they're the first to come…

Pure Digital's Flip Camera's Software For Sharing With the Web,…

At D, Flip camcorders are going to have this new software that allows a user to share their videos with the web, through their iPhone app, or to the livingroom via a coming accessory or set top box partners. I'm not writing this up longer because you all already know how to use youtube. The UI looks nice and simple… » 5/27/09 1:40pm 5/27/09 1:40pm

Scientists Create the First Super-duper "Pure White LED"

The American Chemical Society is claiming that the "holy grail" of the LED world has been reached. A pair of Indian Scientists have created a pure white LED. No longer will we have to suffer with odd blue- or yellow-like white LED's. The method used to achieve the white color was so blatantly obvious, they used… » 9/26/07 2:45pm 9/26/07 2:45pm