Cisco Acquires Pure Digital, Makers of the Flip Video Cam, For $590 Million

Cisco is surely on to something: an enterprise mobile videophone? $500,000 internet backbone router with cute modular Flip video cam? Or maybe they just want a consumer horse besides Linksys in their stable that clearly has some legs: Flip's video cams have sparked a netbook-like fever, with everyone and their brother… »3/19/09 10:00am3/19/09 10:00am

Flip Video Ultra: Better Than the Original, But Still for Your Mom

Today the Mossberg Solution takes a whack at Pure Digital's update to the Flip Video, the Flip Video Ultra. The 60-minute (2GB) and 30-minute (1GB) models run $30 more a piece than the original, but basically improve on them in every way (better screen, resolution, etc.). Overall, the Solution says it's "a pleasure to… »9/12/07 9:59am9/12/07 9:59am

Pure Digital Camcorder Now Works With Google Video, Not YouTube

Pure Digital has updated their camcorder to make it easier for users to upload their recorded video onto video-hosting Web sites, like Google Video (but not YouTube, at least not yet). Originally released this past May, the camcorder, which comes in two sizes, one that hold 30 minutes of video and one that holds 60… »10/16/06 11:05am10/16/06 11:05am