Will Nokia's Next Lumia Get a 41-Megapixel PureView Image Sensor?

Released last year, the PureView 808 was essentially a prototype phone. It ran Nokia's dying—and now officially dead—Symbian operating system but its 41-megapixel, one-inch image sensor was a beast. Now, The Guardian reports what people have been speculating and rumoring since Nokia dropped the PureView 808 nearly a… »2/04/13 12:19pm2/04/13 12:19pm

Today's Smartphone Cameras Are Already Better Than Point-and-Shoot Cameras from 5 Years Ago

The saying is that the best camera is the one that's with you and that's more than often your phone. But phone cameras are getting so good that they may eventually just became the best camera period (DSLRs notwithstanding). And it might be sooner than you think. Already, phone cameras are better than a 5-year-old… »10/09/12 8:40pm10/09/12 8:40pm

Nokia Faked Its PureView Demo and Then Claimed They Never Said It Was Real

When we watched the latest ad from Nokia showing off its PureView technology in the Lumia and ridiculously fluid optical image stabilization, we were stunned. Excited. Happy. If the camera on the Lumia was that good, we wanted it. Badly. Immediately. But sadly, it was faked. Nokia isn't showing off what the Lumia… »9/05/12 5:22pm9/05/12 5:22pm

Inside the Nokia Lumia 920's Camera: A Lesser Form of PureView, but Floating Lens Tech Means Smooth Video

Nokia's Lumia 920 flagship Windows Phone looks promising, but the camera isn't quite what everyone was hoping for. Where as Nokia's 808 PureView phone packed a massive 41-megapixel sensor and mostly served as a proof of concept for the PureView tech, the Lumia 920's sensor is 8.7-megapixels, which Nokia says can… »9/05/12 10:27am9/05/12 10:27am

Check Out Nokia's 'Test Shots' from Its New 41MP Pure View Camera

We've said plenty about Nokia's new Pure View camera technology, but how do the shots look? Nokia has offered up some unretouched test shots on its blog, and while you can't take them entirely at face value—the company would never include unflattering pics, duh—it's at least a starting point for what we can expect. »2/27/12 1:32pm2/27/12 1:32pm

Hands-On With the Nokia 808 Pureview: “Some People Think We’ve Gone Too Far”

Dreamt up in a hotel bar in Japan by a couple of Nokia execs, the Nokia 808 Pureview phone has completely stolen MWC with its 41-megapixel sensor. I grabbed some time with Nokia's lead programme manager for imaging, Damian Dinning, to chat about how it's "almost like [they've] just invented time travel, it's that… »2/27/12 8:05am2/27/12 8:05am