Why Is Apple iPhone Push Notification Still Missing?

The latest iPhone 2.2 operating system fixes many things » 11/25/08 5:08pm 11/25/08 5:08pm, but something is still missing: Push notification services. Once again, Apple has missed the opportunity to enable push notification in a new update, which is specially bad after they . That makes it almost two months late now. So what's the problem? Is the…

Apple Misses iPhone Push Notification September Deadline

So here I'm in Neeeew Yooork. Teeeeerrific! (That's my Andy Warhol impersonation). One of the first things I did this week was to get a US cellphone contract, and since I was there, what the heck, I replaced my broken-screen iPhone with a brand new iPhone 3G-which required a $500 deposit because I have no credit… » 10/03/08 1:15pm 10/03/08 1:15pm

iPhone Developers Get Push Notification API

Apple's just seeded the push notification API to developers through the second beta release of the iPhone 2.1 firmware. What this means to you is that developers can now tailor their apps to receive notifications in the background while it's not running, something supremely useful for apps like AIM, and to a lesser… » 7/31/08 12:54pm 7/31/08 12:54pm