Someone Made a Real-Life Star Trek Communicator You Can Buy

Walkie-talkies have been around for decades, and they haven't changed drastically in years. OnBeep, a company that launched a wearable push-to-talk device called Onyx today, wants to bridge the gap between clunky hand-held sets and smartphones. » 11/05/14 10:00am 11/05/14 10:00am

Did You Ever Use Your Cellphone As A Walkie Talkie?

I never had a walkie talkie phone, but I sure saw a lot of Nextel commercials and Sprint still offers push-to-talk even though the original Nextel network is apparently getting the ax on June 30. In the early 2000s there was something really appealing about interrupting someone's life with that little chirp. It's… » 3/31/13 8:00pm 3/31/13 8:00pm

Woman Caught Stealing Motorola's Lamest Secrets for Chinese Military

You know how you feel slightly nervous when you're flagged for a random customs screening? Even when you haven't done anything wrong? Imagine carrying stolen tech, 30 grand cash, and documents from the Chinese government? Listen, guys, I can explain! » 11/08/11 5:20pm 11/08/11 5:20pm

All-American Tech: What's Hot Here (and Nowhere Else)

People are always eager to point out cool technologies that America ignores, but what about the ones that we—and only we—use? Enough with the grousing: Here's what we've got that they don't. » 5/11/09 3:20pm 5/11/09 3:20pm

Sprint Intros BlackBerry Curve 8350i Push-to-Talk for Nextel (Why?)

Sprint today unveiled the BlackBerry Curve 8350i Push-to-Talk for its cute little Nextel customers. Our wild guess is that this is a limited run, aimed at the last four people on earth who somehow need a real business smartphone but still use Nextel. [ Sprint » 9/10/08 10:30pm 9/10/08 10:30pm]

Palringo IM Client For iPhone Adds Push to Talk

The folks behind Palringo » 8/18/08 4:20pm 8/18/08 4:20pm have swiftly delivered on a promise to add Push-to-Talk functionality to their multi-client IM app for the iPhone. Like their desktop version, the new update allows iPhone users to send vocal IM messages by holding down a contact button while speaking. When released, the audio recording will…

Sprint '08-'09 Roadmap Leaked, Shows New Push-to-Talk Blackberry 8350i

Sprint's plans for the next 16 months or so hit the web today, and they pack news of a new BlackBerry, the 8350i. The stout new BB looks to be based on the Curve, with Wi-Fi and GPS along with Direct Connect push-to-talk support without a massive external antenna, which explains the portliness. Looks like a nice… » 8/13/08 12:40pm 8/13/08 12:40pm

AT&T and HTC Update the 8525 (Sorry, Not WM6)

We were pretty bummed to see that AT&T and HTC America released an update for the Cingular 8525 that wasn't a Windows Mobile 6 ROM. But if you've been waiting for bug fixes (like Daylight Saving Time) along with Cingular Video, AT&T Music, Push-to-Talk and BlackBerry Connect support, this is the update for you. » 5/02/07 5:00pm 5/02/07 5:00pm

Pantech To Debut Five New Phones, Tease With International Models at…

As expected, Pantech has finally decided to treat our Korean phone envy with five new models that will appear at CTIA 2007. All of them are nice-o but with their usual lame names: the C3b, C510, C600, C170 and the C150 pictured here, a nice candybar that comes with MP3 downloading, VGA camera, and Bluetooth stereo… » 3/26/07 9:10am 3/26/07 9:10am

AT&T Launches Pay-Per-Use Push-To-Talk Dash-Dash

Great news for inconsiderate people as AT&T/Cingular's rolling out push-to-talk on their network on a pay-per-use basis. That means if you're not sure you want to commit to a $9.99 (or $19.99 for families) unlimited use plan to annoy people month after month, you now have a pay-as-you-go option as well. » 1/31/07 8:35pm 1/31/07 8:35pm

Cingular Joins PTT Fray

Cingular is now joining the Push-To-Talk party. Cingular's service is pretty basic, though it includes simple conference calling and a "Buddy List" that lets you check if the person you'd like to call is around before you go ahead and expend the energy to push that button. It also includes an easier way to switch a… » 12/02/05 9:34am 12/02/05 9:34am