Russia Will Be All Up in Everyone's Business at the Winter Olympics

Not to be outdone by the sheer magnitude of the NSA's PRISM program, Russia's FSB security service is preparing to monitor every single communication made by competitors and spectators alike during the 2014 winter games in Sochi, according to a report by The Guardian. » 10/06/13 4:24pm 10/06/13 4:24pm

Vladmir Putin Hired Boyz II Men to Sing Until Russians Make More Babies

Vladmir Putin is on a mission to raise Russia's birth rate. Best way to do that? Hire Boyz II Men to croon the babies right into the bellies. » 2/01/13 1:20pm 2/01/13 1:20pm

Vladmir Putin Teaches Baby Birds to Fly, Because Russia

Like something out of a twisted Disney nightmare, President of Russia Vladmir Putin took to the skies, clothed in white overalls and a faux beak, and rigged into a strange flying contraption, in a fantastic effort to teach darling baby birdies—cranes, to be precise—how to fly. » 9/05/12 8:30pm 9/05/12 8:30pm

Vladimir Putin Will Make 3D Popular Whether You Like It or Not

Back in 2010, Vladimir Putin wasn't very happy about the prospect of wearing 3D glasses. But now he's donned a pair to watch a commemorative film of Yuri Gagarin's first human space flight, he looks pretty bad-ass in them. [Boing Boing] » 4/27/12 8:45am 4/27/12 8:45am

A Gallery of All the Crazy Shit Vladimir Putin Does

F1 driving. Scuba diving. Cookware bending. Snowmobiling. Plane flying. Climate change researching. Whale hunting. Piano playing. Blacksmithing. Check out The Atlantic's gallery compiling all the nonsense jackassery Russian leader Vladimir Putin has done the past few years. [The Atlantic via Joshua Clements] » 9/13/11 10:00pm 9/13/11 10:00pm

Vladimir Putin Casually Discovers a Pair of 6th Century Artifacts While…

In his ongoing quest to prove what an adventurous savage he is, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin went diving in the Black Sea. Lo and behold, after diving down a couple of meters, he happened upon two sixth century urns. Convenient. » 8/11/11 10:03am 8/11/11 10:03am

Vladimir Putin Giving Away an iPad 2 for Stripping Female Supporters

American politics: birth certificates, frenzied debates over evolution, looming debt ceiling apocalypse. Russian politics: Putin supporters stripping online for a chance to win an iPad 2. One ticket to Moscow, please. » 7/18/11 11:40am 7/18/11 11:40am

Even Putin Looks Displeased With 3D Glasses

When Russia's bad boy Prime Minister Vladimir Putin himself looks irritated with the idea of wearing 3D glasses, it's gotta be time to reconsider that whole trend. [Foreign Policy] » 12/28/10 9:31pm 12/28/10 9:31pm

Proof That a Camera 'Round the Neck Makes Anyone Look Like a Tourist

Yep, that's a disguised Vlad Putin in his carefree KGB days, ready to pop the Gipper if necessary with what is surely a camera gun of some kind. [Hot Joints - Thanks, Trina!] » 3/18/09 7:00pm 3/18/09 7:00pm

Putin to Dell CEO: 'We don't need help. We are not invalids.'

Michael Dell thought he was extending the olive branch to Russian prime minister Vladamir Putin when he offered IT help. Putin didn't take too kindly to the offer, to say the least. » 1/28/09 3:10pm 1/28/09 3:10pm

Vladimir Putin Tests Russian GPS on His Own Dog

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been pushing for a Russian satellite navigation system known unfortunately as GLONASS, and yesterday the system had its first launch: a tracking collar for the PM's dog, a black labrador named Koni. According to Putin, "She's wagging her tail, she likes it." GLONASS has had… » 10/18/08 9:15am 10/18/08 9:15am

Polonium Pen a Pocket-Sized Must-Have for Anti-Putin Russians

Those of you who fear they've got on the wrong side of Vladimir Putin just might find the Polonium Pen a must-have. Basically a hand-made ion chamber with LED read-out, the Polonium Pen will sniff out excessive doses of the radioactive element in your cocktail, dim sum, or caviar when held over the suspect glass or… » 11/30/07 6:19am 11/30/07 6:19am