NeverMore Putter Grip Retrieves Golf Balls By Sucking More Than You Do

There are very few gadgets out there today where saying "sucks balls" in the description is a compliment, but these putter grip replacements from NeverMore are one such example. The rubber grips replace your putter's normal grip, and allow you to retrieve a golf ball from the cup without bending over. They come in a… »4/27/08 6:30pm4/27/08 6:30pm

Star Trek Enterprise Putter Destroys Romulan Birdies of Prey

Although we don't care much for golf, this USS Enterprise Putter actually looks quite cool—if you enjoy Star Trek (we do). The designers didn't actually intend to make this a Star Trek putter at first, but when they saw how the final double-nacelle cylindrical balancing weight design looked so similar to Kirk's baby,… »10/30/07 5:20pm10/30/07 5:20pm