A PVC Air Cannon Is Perfect for Scaring Trick or Treaters

You could make crazy DIY Halloween decorations to scare the creeps out of trick or treaters in your neighborhood. You could dress up drones as flying ghosts or ghoulish goblins to strike fear into child-sized candy beggars. You could be the cranky old man who turns his light off and seeps scare by ignoring costume… » 10/28/13 7:45pm 10/28/13 7:45pm

Greenpeace on Apple MacBook 2008 Redesign: Good, but Not Good Enough

Greenpeace is dead set on giving Apple and Steve Jobs an inferiority complex. With one hand, the environmental group patted Apple on the head » 10/19/08 12:00pm 10/19/08 12:00pm after the unveiling of its . With the other hand, however, it managed to knock Apple down a peg or two for still not doing enough to save the environment. "Compared to where…

Bankabank Piggy Bank Looks Fashionably Round

Way less insane than the Robotic Piggy Bank we showed you before, this Bankabank piggy bank is made out of soft PVC and holds your coins in a nice, round, eye-pleasing container. No longer do you have to fill up sandwich bags, socks, and duct-taped bra halves in order to make the trek down to your local Coinstar—just… » 9/16/07 4:00pm 9/16/07 4:00pm