This Is What Cars Might Look Like On Your Next Kindle

Exactly what Amazon has in store for the next generation of Kindle is unclear. But if they stick with E-Ink, this clip of a color, video-playing E-Ink display from Kindle screen-manufacturer PVI could be sneak peek. » 3/27/10 6:35pm 3/27/10 6:35pm

Color Touch-Sensitive Ereader Screens Coming This Year, Sez Kindle…

The company that supplies Amazon with its Kindle displays is working on touchscreen electrophoretic panels according to Digitimes. This doesn't necessarily mean Amazon will be using them, considering their recent snap-up of Touchco. » 2/05/10 10:02am 2/05/10 10:02am

Sony Releasing Bigger eReader This Year? No Color Until 2010?

PVI, the company thought to make the big sheet of e-paper found in the Kindle DX, has revealed two interesting pieces of intel to DigiTimes. » 5/08/09 9:55am 5/08/09 9:55am