Tivo and Echostar DVR Patent Saga Ends With $104 Million Payout to Tivo

After getting resoundly swatted »10/06/08 3:30pm10/06/08 3:30pm in court by Tivo time and again for walking all over its patent for a "multimedia time warping system" (cool retro-future speak for a DVR), Echostar (now just Dish) is finally admitting defeat once and for all. Following in a US Appeals court earlier this year, Echostar appealed to the…

TiVo Auto-Delete Flag Returns (Thank God It Was Only Star Trek)

In case you didn't already know, broadcasters can slip "flags" into TV shows telling your DVR to not record it or to delete it when it hits an expiration date. TiVo users last had a run-in with the auto-delete flag a couple years ago »8/16/08 7:30pm8/16/08 7:30pm (Media Center users had ), but , it looks like it's back and haunting fans. Jeff…

Media Center's Do Not Record Broadcast Flag Is Still Alive

Recently, some Windows Media Center owners were blocked from recording American Gladiators and Medium because of an incorrectly set broadcast flag from NBC. What's the deal here? The broadcasters (NBC, ABC, HBO) can turn on a flag in their data stream that tells whatever DVR machine on your end that it's NOT alright… »5/15/08 3:00pm5/15/08 3:00pm

Tivo Defeats Echostar for Stealing DVR Patent in Epic Court Battle Once and For All

Two years after initially smacking down Echostar (now just Dish Network) in court for stepping on its patent for a "multimedia time warping system" (aka a DVR) Tivo has clinched final and lasting victory against the satellite provider. Dish Network subscribers won't have to worry about losing their DVRs or seeing… »4/11/08 3:11pm4/11/08 3:11pm

Celrun TV HD Multimedia Player Supports Almost Every Codec Under the Sun

The Celrun TV multimedia player comes equipped to the back teeth. The HD multimedia player totes Ethernet, WiFi b/g for basic, network accessible storage; digital and analog TV tuners, IPTV support, DVR functionality, 320GB HDD, two USB ports, as well as RGB, S-VIDEO and HDMI outputs. Add to that the ability to… »2/26/08 4:25am2/26/08 4:25am

TiVo Desktop 2.5 Update Coming, Doesn't Fix Everything

Ears to the ground, we're hearing reliable sources saying that TiVo Desktop 2.5 is on its way, and may be released as early as today. The handy utility that lets you snag videos your TiVo has recorded right there on your PC and use them on other devices will finally get Windows Vista support, as well as support for… »8/07/07 10:45am8/07/07 10:45am