T Pities Fool Who Bids on Hacked Fujitsu U810 With Live Virus "Still Present"

Shane Macaulay, the hacker who beat a Vista-powered Fujitsu in last week's CanSec West PWN 2 OWN contest has listed the UMPC—with virus "still likely present"—on eBay. Some say this might be Macaulay's idea of a joke, but T doesn't think it's funny when hackers joke around with exploits, especially an Adobe Flash… »4/01/08 9:15am4/01/08 9:15am

Who Will Get Hacked First: Vista, OSX or Linux? Place Your Bets Here

Organizers behind the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver are putting together a "hacker superbowl" of sorts, pitting attendees' skills against Vista, Mac OS X and Linux. Dubbed PWN 2 OWN (ewwww), the objective is to develop a brand-new "zero day" attack to take control of one of the three operating systems… »3/27/08 5:50pm3/27/08 5:50pm