New MacBooks Disable Pwnage Tool, Open Second Front in War on Jailbreaking

It's a given that each firmware update for the iPhone and iPod Touch will seal up exploits used by the Dev Team to 'Pwn' the devices, but nobody expected the new MacBooks to present a problem for would-be Jailbreakers. Users over at HowardForums »11/03/08 5:17am11/03/08 5:17am and are reporting problems running the Pwnage tool on the new aluminum…

QuickPwn Tools Released For Firmware 2.0.2 on Windows and Mac

Just a few days after the Dev Team released its jailbreak tool »8/29/08 2:30pm8/29/08 2:30pm for the 2.0.2 firmware to Mac users, WinPwn 2.5 and the QuickPwn Tool for Mac have both appeared at about the same time, offering the ability to QuickPwn the latest iPhone and iPod Touch firmwares. In other words, not only can you jailbreak your iPhone or…

iPhone Jailbreak Now QuickPwned: No Need for iTunes-Based Restore

News is just out of a new way to jailbreak your iPhone, and this time the tool is specifically designed to work "quickly and easily, without requiring a full restore." Quickpwn has been released as a beta, intended to complement the main PwnageTool. It works with iPhones and iPod's running 2.0.1 firmware, and operates… »8/18/08 5:39am8/18/08 5:39am

How to Disable the App Store Kill Switch Using Your Jailbroken iPhone

Stephen Colbert spoke »8/17/08 8:00pm8/17/08 8:00pm, and the people listened: The kill switch that lets Apple on your iPhone can be disabled with the push of a button. All you need is a and the updated BossPrefs app found on Cydia. Simply choose "Disable Apple App Killswitch" in BossPrefs and Bob Barker that puppy into oblivion. This isn't the…

iPhone Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 Available Now (Jailbreak and Unlock)

The latest version of the iPhone jailbreak/unlock utility PwnageTool is available now, and includes both Cydia and Installer 4 beta. You still can't unlock your iPhone 3G with this, but you can jailbreak it to use apps that aren't purchased from the official iTunes Store. Yeah, you know what to do by now. Go grab it. [ »8/09/08 11:41am8/09/08 11:41am

iPhone Pwnage Tool 2.0 Now Available (Jailbreak and Unlock)

The iPhone 2.0 Pwnage Tool is now available, weighing in at 19.7MB. It came slightly earlier than expected, but I'm sure nobody's complaining that they can now unlock their iPhones and iPod touches a day early. Grab it on the iPhone Dev Site. It only jailbreaks, not unlocks the iPhone 3G, so you'll have to wait a… »7/19/08 7:28pm7/19/08 7:28pm

First iPhone 2.0 Pwnage Tool Will Not Unlock iPhone 3G, says Dev Team

The tireless iPhone Dev folks who managed to jailbreak the iPhone 3G within five days of launch have announced that the first Pwnage tool will be released shortly, but it will not support a baseband unlock of the iPhone 3G. The team is still working out the particulars of the unlock and rightfully wants to do it… »7/17/08 10:59am7/17/08 10:59am

New Version of Pwnage Arrives as Apple Tightens Security

We told you that the new Pwnage—the iPhone Dev Team tool to automatically hack legal Apple firmwares to free iPhone by making them fully customizable, open and unlocked—version was imminent and here it is. Gizmodo got early access to the software and it works great. But there is bad news brewing up: Apple is gearing… »4/14/08 5:02pm4/14/08 5:02pm