How I Sold My iPhone in 24 Hours For More Than I Paid

With the possible announcement of the 3G iPhone only a week away, many current iPhone owners are itching to upgrade, which takes money. Other people, finally bitten by the iPhone bug, are eager to buy one, only they are harder to find in stores. This creates a nice, natural supply-and-demand formula that we managed to… »6/03/08 10:00am6/03/08 10:00am

Latest iPhone 2.0 Firmware Unlocked Again in 24 Hours

The iPhone Dev Team has demonstrated that Apple will probably have a very difficult time patching the iPhone to thwart their efforts: not even 24 hours after the release of the latest update for the iPhone firmware 1.2.0 (or 2.0, as The Steve calls it,) they sent us this picture showing that they have pwned it again,… »3/29/08 10:25am3/29/08 10:25am

Commenter Retirement Party Video Makes Me Yearn For Hotter Giz Comments

College Humor impressed us with their first Commenter Business Meeting video, but they've really outdone themselves this time: LOLcats, incredibly offensive commenters, and, yes, hot girls making out. We have two of those things regularly appearing in our comments now, but I'd really like to see us have all three.… »9/19/07 10:10am9/19/07 10:10am

Ear Force X3 Replaces Your Xbox Headset with Real Headphones

The headsets that come for free with the Xbox 360 don't exactly scream quality. Sure, they get the job done when it comes to trash talking the 11-year-olds you're losing to in Shadowrun, but the one-eared design that makes you listen to both the TV and your headset isn't really an optimal solution. The new Ear Force… »8/23/07 1:15pm8/23/07 1:15pm