Pyramat Gaming Chair Helps You Keep Up Appearances in the Office

A wireless gaming chair for desktop gamers is an cool idea, although it's not as cool as this massage gaming chair from a few weeks back. In the sheltered little life that I scuzz around in, gaming chairs are floor-height cack-magnets, rocking delights such as sweat patches, condiment stains, popcorn husks that look… » 11/16/07 3:40am 11/16/07 3:40am

Pyramat De-Wires the Nintendo Chair with PM440W

I first told you folks about one of the original Pyramat sound rockers way back in the day and they have finally answered my complaints by making their latest high-tech Nintendo chair sound rocker wireless. No longer will you be tethered to your home entertainment system to feel the sound rocker pound your ass (in the… » 1/07/07 11:48pm 1/07/07 11:48pm