This Is the Closest View of Mars Yet

The Mars Curiosity Rover has touched a Martian rock for the first time. And, in the process, it gave us the closest, most detailed view of the Red Planet (a tiny part of it) yet, using her Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) camera at ten, two and one inches from the rock. » 9/26/12 9:38am 9/26/12 9:38am

Mars Rover to Study Pyramid Rock of Unknown Origin

NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity has its first analysis target, an intriguing rock with a pyramidal shape that is now 8.2 feet (2.5 meter) from its current location. The scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory are excited about this and other features discovered by the rover's cameras. » 9/20/12 11:50am 9/20/12 11:50am

Modern Pyramid Contains 72,000 Bottles of Beer

Gotta love modern art that makes a statement, looks impressive and invites user interaction. German artist Cyprien Gaillard hits all three with his beer case pyramid.
» 5/25/11 10:24pm 5/25/11 10:24pm

HTC Pyramid: More Pics, More Specs Add Up to Great-Looking Phone

Our first look at the HTC Pyramid showed us a glimpse of the exterior, but now a truckload of images have backed up at the XDA Developers forum. What can we learn? That this is, as we thought, one big ol' smartphone. A 4.3-inch 960×540 qHD display in front of a 1.2GHz processor, 768MB of RAM, an 8MP rear and 1.3MP… » 3/30/11 4:09pm 3/30/11 4:09pm

First Pics Appear of the HTC Pyramid With High-Res qHD Screen

More info and the first pics have emerged of the HTC Pyramid, which we heard last month will be a mammoth new Android phone with qHD screen. Today's leaked specs purport it'll have an 8MP camera (with 1.3MP forward-facing cam); a 4.3-inch SuperLCD screen with that "close to retina display" qHD (960 x 540) resolution;… » 3/16/11 8:20am 3/16/11 8:20am

Leak: HTC Pyramid Sounds Like a Big 'Un With Dual-Core Processor and…

Tales of a Super-Android-Phone, the HTC Pyramid, have hit the web hard. There's talk it could be HTC's first dual-core handset, supposedly running on a 1.2GHz Snapdragon. Disappointingly, it could be another one for Big Hands Only, at 4.3-inches. » 2/03/11 6:00am 2/03/11 6:00am

Specialized Drill Robot to Unlock the Final Secrets of the Great…

Like a massive stone puzzle, the Great Pyramid has refused to give up all of its secrets. One of the last are two shafts out of the "Queen's Chamber." Purpose? Unknown, even to this day. Robots to the rescue. » 8/08/10 7:00pm 8/08/10 7:00pm

iPad Projector Renders 3D Objects for the Naked Eye

Experimental design team Aircord Labs has released a proof of concept video demonstrating an iPad with 3D capabilities visible to the naked eye. The effect is achieved with a specially designed projector that beams images into a pyramid shaped screen. » 7/19/10 11:00pm 7/19/10 11:00pm

Internet Distractions, In Order of Importance

The phone's ringing, but you've got a direct message from a hottie on Twitter. Oh, a Facebook message while you're watching kittens on video. What takes priority? Don't panic. This chart will guide you through the hierarchy of Internet distractions. » 9/08/09 8:00pm 9/08/09 8:00pm

Futuristic Pyramid House Is Based on an Ancient Design

This house might look like it's straight out of the future, but it's actually based on the oldest house design in Japan: the pit dwelling. » 7/13/09 11:30am 7/13/09 11:30am

City-In-a-Pyramid Could House a Million Dubaians, Power Itself

A particularly optimistic design firm in Dubai called Timelinks has proposed designs for the Ziggurat, a complete city to be layered inside of a massive pyramid that could serve as home for a million people at a time. Timelinks is currently seeking patents for a variety of technologies that would make such a building… » 8/27/08 9:40pm 8/27/08 9:40pm

Powramid Power Strip Lifts, Separates Your AC Adapters

Although this Powramid looks quite similar to the flying saucer surge protector we saw last month, this looks a bit more refined in terms of not looking like some guy made it in his garage. The Powramid has the same six outlets that the flying saucer had, but has their outlets facing right side up, meaning your… » 1/03/08 4:00pm 1/03/08 4:00pm

Pyramid Clock: Look Ra, No Hands

Tell time like an Egyptian with this Pyramid Clock by Brando. There are no hands on this clock, just three rotating pieces. The top represents seconds, the middle minutes, and the bottom hours. The marker on the base indicates what time it is "now", as you read up the clock. Fifteen bucks gets you this desk gadget. » 9/08/06 8:30pm 9/08/06 8:30pm