This Norwegian Road Tunnel Exists Solely to Set Fire to Things

The Runehamar Tunnel on the west coast of Norway is a piece of disused underground road infrastructure that has found an unexpected second life through its new and bizarre purpose: it now exists solely as a place for setting fire to things. » 12/11/13 9:42am 12/11/13 9:42am

Jet-Engine-Alike Fire Sculpture Will Please Your Inner Pyromaniac

Flames, thunderous noise, drama and the threat of explosive, combustive doom: That's why this sculpture by Dave Umlas will please your inner fire-starter. Made from stainless steel, propane gas-air jets and what seems to be a turbine-like system somewhere in its construction, it exists merely to thrill you with… » 8/12/08 10:30am 8/12/08 10:30am

Fire-Starting Flashlight Will Illuminate, Torch Everything in Your Path

Flashlights are generally there to help you out in a time of need, such as when your power goes out and you need to fumble around in the dark. A flashlight that lights stuff on fire because it's so powerful might be neat for goofing around with your pyro friends, but something tells me that if you accidentally burned… » 1/28/08 4:45pm 1/28/08 4:45pm

Stink Up The Neighborhood This July 4th

On this Fourth of July, remind yourself that we were once but colonies of the great Britannia, with this Union Jack Firepit Brazier, constructed from stainless steel and versatile enough to let you use it as a barbecue grill and then gather around it and sing "Kumbaya" afterward. Now you can join the pyromania as you… » 6/30/06 3:31pm 6/30/06 3:31pm