Lenovo's Sleek IdeaCentre Q110 Nettop Has Nvidia Ion Graphics

After teasing us over Twitter yesterday, Lenovo has now outlined full specs and pricing for its new Q100/Q110 nettops, and D400 Home Server. Both nettops are 0.7-inches thin, and the Q110 has Nvidia Ion graphics with 1080p HDMI output. » 8/19/09 1:45am 8/19/09 1:45am

Lenovo Twitters New IdeaCentre Q100 Nettops, IdeaCentre D400 Home Server

Lenovo claims its upcoming Q100/Q110 nettops are "some of the thinnest in the world." We'll wait and see, but I like that etched motif. Meanwhile, we know more about the D400 Windows Home server because it's already available in Asia. » 8/18/09 3:28am 8/18/09 3:28am